Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Staff Competencies

We're working on a plan to bring all staff up to a common level, technology-wise. The states' Library 2.0 course was the beginning of this idea, and a presentation at Computers in Libraries last month made us really get thinking about it. We're adapting the North Carolina version of competency levels to fit better with our situation. It's hard to draw a line between "all staff" and "staff who work with the public" here - everyone has some interaction with the public. The hardest part is deciding what to have at each level. There are so many basic skills everyone needs that the list can be overwhelming - that might make some staff give up before even starting! So we're planning some sort of survey: what do they know, what do they need for their jobs, what do they wish they knew. Then we can plan from there.

Then there is the issue of time: when will any needed training take place? But we're just going one step at a time.

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