Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm still learning

We're really getting started with staff technology training! First, we've developed a survey (online, of course, to get everyone comfortable with online activities) using surveymonkey. I've never been on the developing side, only the participant side, of this so it's been fun for me to try something new. I sent the first version to our technology committee, reviewed their comments, made some changes and sent the revised version back to them. Staff should be able to start on it next week.

We've also started a staff technology wiki outlining the planned course, very similar to the MSL Library 2.0 Challenge (thanks to Lauren and everyone else for letting us use your great plan!). We want to have an instant messaging lesson, too, so I'm working on that one. I've got a meebo account now and am including that in the IM lesson. We'd like to use IM at work instead of a lot of the phone calls we make - a few of us do that already and it's so much nicer than having the phone ringing while working with a patron!

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