Friday, May 23, 2008

Technology really is great

Even though we sometimes get frustrated and impatient, I was reminded today how wonderful technology really is these days. A frequent library patron today showed me the color photo of her 12-hour-old granddaughter, born in a state in a different time zone, that she had just printed from her email. How cool is that? How thrilled would my parents have been if I could have emailed them a photo of their just-born first grandchild 28 years ago, instead of having to wait 3 weeks and make an 8 hour drive to see him? I can't even imagine.

When my husband was stationed in Korea 20 years ago we would have been overjoyed at the opportunity to email, or IM, once in a while to get up-to-date contact. Instead we were grateful just to have a 30-minute phone call at a previously arranged time (6 a.m. for me, 11 p.m. for him), and if someone was already on the phone he hoped to use, or long-distance circuits were busy, all I got was a busy signal with no way to find out why we couldn't connect. Very frustrating for both of us!

So when I have to wait a minute for a page to load, or lose a cell phone signal, I think back to those dark ages and and amazed by how far technology has come!

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