Monday, April 28, 2008

It might be spring...

I got the bicycle out yesterday (and rode 4 miles!) so I think it might really be spring this time. The deer seem to have moved on, leaving only chewed tulip leaves in the front flower beds - I'm going to have to investigate deer-proofing tips out there.

Saturday night I was at the the great Mannheim Steamroller Fresh Aire concert and guess who was the French horn player? Our very own Greg Notess! There were 10 Bozeman Symphony players making up the MS orchestra, so that was fun to see.

I read this idea yesterday but can't find the link today: a university (I think) is using a hot dog cart for roaming reference work. When I first read it, I thought it was just in the library, but the photo showed the cart (and librarian) outside - using a wireless laptop, and some basic reference tools, they can be providing service where people are. Now that sounds like a really clever way to expand library services! Even if we could only offer that in the summer months here in Montana, it could be interesting.

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