Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's Summer!

I can tell it's summer - the Library has been invaded by tourists and foreign exchange students. It's funny to see the different reactions people have to our time system: some people are so grateful to have an hour of free internet access, while others are so indignant to be limited to just one hour! The foreign students are interesting - they don't wait for any explanation of how to use the card I just handed them, so they often run in to problems - computers are already reserved, they don't realize they only get one hour each day. They all seem to use a Russian email program - - which likes to hijack our homepage, causing problems to whoever uses the computer next. Or they set the language to something much different than English. But I guess it is good they can easily contact family at home (at least I'd like to think that's what they do with their computer time!). If I had a student studying in a foreign country, I'd be happy to hear from him once in a while.

So, I'll remind everyone how to reset the home page back to the library web site and review the computer use guidelines one more time!

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