Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's April!

March is over, and things are coming together. Except for an annoying spell of bone-chilling weather that belongs back in February...We had a gorgeous Easter so should be grateful I guess! Double-sided printing is finally a reality on our Black-and-White printer. We purchased a new machined, discovered it didn't duplex as expected, added the duplex unit (after receiving a faulty one!) and made it available to the public yesterday. I'd tested multiple times with our time-print system, and it worked nicely, charging per side as I'd hoped. So I expected smooth sailing when I swapped out the old printer. Silly me! When I deleted the old printer I should have gone through a process in the time-print system of re-entering the new printers. That became obvious once the first person logged on and received an error message...Luckily it was not a busy morning, and within an hour all was right again. Next week: MLA in Missoula! Because I'm still Public Library Division Chair until the conference ends, I'll be attending the entire session. The downside was not being able to attend Computers in Libraries, but I did get to see the opening keynote speaker when it was streamed Monday morning. A nice talk about Google, Amazon and people willing to pay for an "experience" - an idea we can bring to the library in some ways. My philosophy at Computer Services is somewhat similar - do whatever it takes to make sure a patron has a positive experience. There are limits, of course, but it's good to keep in mind. I hear we've hired two new workers for Circulation - both men! I'm looking forward to meeting them. There will be some other staff changes in the near future, I'm afraid - rumors are circulating. But an opportunity to bring in new people!

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