Friday, March 15, 2013

March Madness

I believe the entire month of March deserves credit for any and all strange happenings...lots of odd computer issues that have no credible explanation, for example (receipt printer just spitting out a batch at the end of the day?). Daylight savings time is a possible cause too (why did a few of the catalog computers NOT make the time change?) but since that also falls in March I'm just going to put it all into the March category. Then there is Spring Break! This afternoon a few young males felt the need to climb the stone columns in front of the Library and do chin-ups on the metal cross beams. Very entertaining, and done to impress the young lady accompanying them, I'm sure. A Great Grey Owl is also on spring break and has chosen to perch around the Library this week. She (the Raptor Center came by and said the owl is a female) is quite the local celebrity now: photographers are camped outside all day long. We were concerned the excitement was too disturbing, but she seems to be OK with it, moving to a different area each day. I have more fun watching all the people from my window! Computers in Libraries will probably not be in my future this spring, since the MLA conference is also in April; as Public Library Division chair I need to be at several events, and the conference is in Missoula, so will just go for the entire time. I will start checking on the Internet Librarian conference in October, another event I've wanted to get to. We've discovered keeping the laptops plugged in and charging all the time is probably not the best for the battery life - several are starting to show decreased charging ability. I've purchased a new battery for one, but will probably have to get a few more. We'll also be getting a few Macbook laptops to have for students to use; probably a good idea since those are the kind of computers used in schools here. My dream would be to have a few Chromebooks around too, maybe for staff to use so they could be "out and about" in the stacks helping people. It would be nice to have something in hand when a patron asks if we have a book, instead of having to go to a catalog computer. Spring Break does bring visitors to the Library, and several have stopped to say how much they love it here! That makes it worthwhile.

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