Thursday, February 21, 2013

Still February!

Two posts in one month - a miracle! I'm finally starting to take advantage of the evening desk time; it tends to be fairly quiet for at least the last 2 hours, so I can actually accomplish a few things. I've done laptop updates, am updating express computers tonight, and yes, posting to the blog. We may have figured out DeepFreeze and having the Windows updates happen automatically. For months we couldn't figure out why they didn't work (Mike, the City IT contact thought he had everything set correctly). He recently discovered the entire network shuts off during the night! (I find it amusing that one IT person doesn't tell the others about all network-related things, but that's just me!). So Mike was able to adjust the timing and things seemed to work last time. We still have some minor adjustments (we only want some of the "optional" updates but that doesn't seem to be possible), and I still will do the Flash, Java, etc updates. But this will be a great help for network security, and somewhat of a time-saver. I'm also setting our browsers on the public stations to open to both the library home page and our Facebook page. I'm not sure it will increase our FB audience - so many people aren't even aware of tabs as an option in browsers - but we'll see. Is there another visit to Computers in Libraries in our future? I hope so! It's been 5 years since our last attendance, so it must be time to go again!

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