Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy New Year!

Yes, I know we are into the second month of the new year, and it's been a few months since I've posted. No good reason, really; probably just the usual holiday distraction. Another February, another Offline! This year we headed to Butte. Our hotel was great (I'd like to go back and spend a weekend!) and the sessions were interesting. I'd never heard about the Chronicling America site from the Library of Congress but it is an incredible project! I'll keep checking that, and remember it when looking for historic newspaper articles. Lots more talk about gadgets, mobile devices, and how libraries can help the public use them successfully. My favorite take-away: "E-readers are like a gateway drug - people who have never used a computer get one and suddenly are searching and shopping online like crazy!" So true. Our BTOP laptops are incredibly popular - a few have circulated over 700 times! They are used for the computer classes (which sometimes if a problem, since people are so used to checking one out - it's always a disappointment to find out they are already being used for a class). The scanner is also a great resource. We just need a fax machine! We've also been helping many people with their new e-readers and other gadgets they received for Christmas. Tomorrow's staff meeting focuses on the situation of a shooter in the Library. When we first moved to the larger building we had a police presentation, with the message of "Not if, but when" some kind of event would occur, and prepare for it. There are limited options for some areas of the building but it does help to have thought about things.

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