Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Still a beautiful fall in these parts, although today we're having quite a rain event designed to test the new Library roof, I'm sure. So far it's working well, and the sound of rain is much more pleasant compared to previous years and rain on the metal roof. Our staff retreat last week was a great experience. We learned a few things, and spent an afternoon involved in some long-range planning. Sometimes that seems like an exercise in fortune-telling but there were great ideas! I wonder how many we'll see, and how soon. Our Apple iPad was replaced and the new one is working much better! Next week we have training sessions for the public, and recently had a Headwaters Association meeting about e-readers as well. So we're getting much more familiar and comfortable with all this technology. Just in time for the Next Big Thing, whatever that might be! Book ordering has taken on a new procedure, which means I no longer add titles to the catalog when they are ordered. More time for other things, but I miss seeing the new fiction and being able to place holds early on!

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