Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August Already!

The Library was present in the Sweet Pea Parade after all - a "Get On Board" train, with members wearing different "costumes" to represent a variety of countries. Two book carts were converted to engine and caboose, and I got to be Engineer with cap and bandanna, while others had train whistles. We just meandered down the street, looping around when the bus behind us was WAY BEHIND and leaving a gap. It was a fun morning.

Back to other issues: the computer with hardware problems took 3 tries, but finally ended up working (the processor was finally determined to be the culprit). Windows Updates had messed up the entire Express group last month, which I forgot about once I restored them all to before the update. So this month's updates did the same thing! Since I'll be gone next month, it would be a good idea to get this solved, so Mike from the City has started looking at it. All the other machines are fine, and they all started with the Express image when we set them up, so it's quite a quandary.
Our donated scanner has been getting a lot of use, and I have a second one to try. This one might even print, which would be very convenient - people seem to always ask about printing after they scan. I'll see how it works.

This week the 3 Director candidates will visit. We can have meals with them just for some social time, but they will also have time to wander around the library and visit with staff between interviews. There is also a public session later where they will introduce themselves. It will be an exciting day, and (possibly!) my final director search experience!

We've had 2 staff members depart: retirement and relocation. So people are filling in while these positions are advertised - a busy time! We've been looking at reorganizing schedules and staffing, but this might be something the new director could look at as well.

Next month I'll be away but I think things are set to run fairly smoothly without me!

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