Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Summer means visitors (can I print my boarding pass? check my email?) and the summer reading program (both kids and adults!). Hot weather (we thought it would never get here!) means people at the pool, who then stop over at the library - it's amazing the attire that comes in. This summer has seen a lot of resume-related work, too. So we are still a popular place. The typewriter is also popular (are we the only one in town any more?) and the document scanner, which has developed a problem when scanning photos. So I asked around other City departments, and surprisingly received 2 possibilities! Recycling at its best.

I've had the opportunity to do some hardware-related work, which doesn't come along very often (and I'm not very experienced at!). One out-of-warranty computer stopped connecting to the network, so a new system board was needed. Luckily IT come to my rescue when it still didn't work (and I learned a few extra steps were needed to complete the job!). Next, one of our new machines decided not to turn on. Since it's under warranty, a technician comes out after the initial phone call and troubleshooting. Unfortunately, there was still a problem -he suspected the power supply, which (in theory) the Customer should be able to replace. So I did that this morning, and still have a dead computer. The technician should be dispatched again, and I'll be very happy if he tells me it was just one minor detail I overlooked. Still, these are interesting learning experiences!

It's Sweet Pea Festival time, but the Library may not be in the parade this year - we missed the registration deadline (never a problem before but there is a new Festival director this year). Protests have been voiced, so we'll see the outcome! Speaking of Directors, we will be meeting the 3 Library Director candidates in August. One day, public and staff meetings, and official interviews. Should be exciting!

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