Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Back to work

September disappeared (well, not really - I was on vacation and removed from constant internet access!) but now it's fall and time to get back to work.

We'll have our new director soon (Susan Gregory from Oklahoma), and some staff members have moved on to new positions in Helena with the State library, so there are lots of changes!

We also have 5 new laptops we'll set up and have available for the public to check out and use in the library. We haven't decided if we need some security software on it, in case it "walks away" but we might try something - I've found an affordable option.

One express computer insists on installing updates, even after I've un-installed them, and told it to NOT check for updates. These cause some problems, and I can't figure out how they are installing since DeepFreeze should ignore any changes that occur. I have to conclude it's being haunted by gremlins.

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