Thursday, June 30, 2011

End of the Year!

Well, end of the Fiscal year anyway! That often means a mad scramble to make sure all money is spent, but not overspending - a fine line. Today we received one more table in the computer area, to replace a very outdated and small typewriter table. Now all the furniture matches. I'm waiting for one of the "typing regulars" to try it out. Software is a little trickier: previous rules were everything had to be In The Building on June 30, but how do you tell with software? Installed but not used? Paid for but not tried? We've got some software that will allow us to extend computer time for people in certain circumstances (I'm working on guidelines so everyone is consistent), and some new scheduling software for the meeting rooms.

We're getting anxious to meet a few of the candidates for library director - rumor has it we might see some soon! Skype phone interviews have already taken place, and reference are being contacted to narrow the field down to 3 possibilities. Maybe by the end of summer we'll have things settled!

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