Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Computers Are Coming!

I've been working on setting up the first of the new computers for the past 2 weeks: installing necessary programs and software, adding printers, working with CybraryN to make sure the new system works with their software (that was an obstacle we had to work through with a few online sessions!) but finally things are ready! Four of the Express group computers are out and being used, with 3 more getting imaged this afternoon and one more in the morning. Then it's on to the other groups - children's, teens, and finally adult. We're using DeepFreeze, which should make things easier too: restarting the computer sets it back to the original configuration. I'm looking forward to the next few weeks to see how that all works.

While I was working on the computers, the City also was holding its first IT Week - lots of good sessions dealing with various technology topics. I was able to attend several: ADA issues, using the city phones and Outlook, a discussion on social media. I wish it hadn't been scheduled for last week, but it's all worked out. My original goal was to have the Express group completed by March 15, so I'm only a few days off.

Next month: MLA/MPLA in Billings! My last conference as Montana's rep to MPLA - a position I've enjoyed but will pass along to someone else. Then some vacation time...

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