Friday, February 25, 2011

Get Ready for BTOP!

We are one of 29 (I think) libraries receiving new computers as part of a state-wide grant to increase access to technology. I don't remember what BTOP stands for but it's a catchy acronym, and we've been working on this for several months. While at Offline earlier this month I went to a session explaining more of the process, and now we're starting to receive the equipment! Earlier this week 28 monitors arrived, and next week we'll see 28 CPU's. Then it's time to get them ready - install the printers, set up CybraryN, add whatever programs the public is used to having available (chats, Google Earth and SketchUp, etc). We've given up our imaging plan (which was OK to a point but not as effective as we'd hoped) so will start using DeepFreeze, software that resets computers each time they get restarted. Something new for me to learn! So I expect to be a bit busy for a few weeks...

Offline was fun, as always, and Bozeman offered to host it next year. We'll be busy planning that in a few months.

The MLA conference comes up next month too, in Billings. This will be my final conference as MPLA representative, which has been a fun office. I've been able to go to several out-of-state conferences but will be glad to stay home next year so others can go (and maybe have the chance to attend something different, like Computers in Libraries again!).

Thinking Spring while we experience sub-zero temps for a few days....

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