Friday, March 25, 2011


Things are moving along quickly with the new computers - children's and teens are both out and seem to be working fine. The Adult image has been made, and in the morning I'll send it out to 3 machines. Tuesday morning those get moved out and 3 more prepared, and so on until all 12 are out. The hardest part now is the physical moving and set-up!

My goal was to have this done by the end of the month, and it looks like that's going to be accomplished. Then it's on the the MLA/MPLA conference in Billings! I've agreed to be part of the MPLA Communications committee, and we're starting to take advantage of the many social networking options. Facebook, Twitter, and a few others are being added to the MPLA home page.

At a recent staff meeting we spent some time discussing specific issues at each service desk, and trying to come up with one concrete solution. The Computer Services group agreed that giving out guest passes repeatedly to the same people (who can't get library cards, since they are just visiting or don't have a physical address, just PO Boxes on their ID, for example) was time-consuming. We decided to try having these folks keep their guest pass. We already know them by name (since we've seen their ID over and over), and the cards are already set to not allow checking out materials. So far we've allowed several regulars to keep the cards, and they have all been thrilled! My next goal is to add some software that would allow us to extend time on specific computers when people ask. We get that request frequently enough that I think this could be a good customer-service move. Right now we can't make that happen.

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