Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Time

Holidays are always an interesting time in the library, probably a combination of the cold bringing more people in, and holiday stress aggravating whatever problems are already there. We're trying to stay agreeable, but have to sometimes resort to less-than-friendly interaction when some lonely individuals start hanging around for extended periods, trying to get involved in conversations about (occasionally) rather bizarre topics. Working a public desk begins to feel like a sitting duck - no escape!

We're planning a Gadget Fair this weekend, so people can come see some new things they may not be familiar with - Nook, Kindle, Flip Camera, etc. We've also gotten local stores to come in with some gadgets too, like the iPad. We're not going as in-depth as we would for staff training, or even a conference session; just an informal "this is what it looks like and some things you might be able to use it for" gathering.

My favorite thing about the holidays this year? With Christmas Eve and Christmas on Friday and Saturday (and we'll be closed) I get a 4-day weekend! Followed by a 3-day weekend for New Year's. That will seem like quite a vacation!

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