Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays!

It's not as quiet in the computer area as I'd expected this week. Students are done, holidays are almost here - I figured we wouldn't see so many visitors. What do I know? All the visitors using guest cards sometimes gives me the opportunity to play Santa: people will want to add money for printing; when I check, we discover money already on the card from a previous user. It's a nice little surprise, and usually very much appreciated. Just one of the more fun aspects of working this desk...

A recent upgrade at the shared catalog level didn't go well, so we've been muddling through while they work to fix the new problems created. I can sympathize, and will continue to expect the worst anytime someone says "upgrade."

This is our final week with Alice, our retiring director. It's been an exciting 13 years! I'm wondering what the next director will bring to the library - we've come to expect a lot but there will always be opportunities for positive changes too.

Marry Christmas!

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