Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Silly me...

I really should learn but am always optimistic! Many computers have been updated, but three of the teen and all four children's still need to be done. So this morning I figured it was time to get to the teens - just 3 computers, how hard could that be? I installed both the new print and time management programs, tested all three (yes, I found a little glitch but was able to fix it - a file path I should have found right off) so figured things were great.

The CybraryN people receive error messages if things aren't quite right, so I was surprised to get an email from them asking if everything was OK this morning. I explained what I'd done, and reported everything seemed fine. A few more messages back and forth, with suggestions of what might be wrong and how to fix it in the morning followed. Later in the afternoon I did start to see a few problems (reservations were there but others could log in anyway, things didn't look quite right in our screen) so mentioned that in a message too. In the morning I'll take care of the little file problems that might be occurring, and maybe then things will be great!

I really should know better than to expect an upgrade to be right the first time.

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