Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year, New Stuff

We've started the new year without Alice, and although we're not floundering it does feel strange to not have a director sitting in that office. Terri and Lois are interim directors and will do fine, but it has added to their already full work-load, as well as Nancy's. Hopefully things will move quickly in the hiring of a new leader!

Even if we don't have a new director, lots of other new people are coming on board. I'm training 2 new substitutes, and have also trained another staff person to start working at Computer Services. This will help with our workload - right now we're juggling schedules when someone is sick. There are 2 others who eventually will also be available, and 4 more for Circulation/Information desks. Whew!

Today I had a dad (I assume) with a young toddler (less than a year old, I'd guess) headed to the computer lab for. I suggested he could use the children's library or student computers downstairs - we don't have children (especially that young) in the lab, just because they get noisy and the other users complain. He was surprised he couldn't use the lab; I explained why, and pointed out he already had a noisy toy going off in the diaper bag. He said the toy wouldn't be going off, and his little boy wouldn't make much noise. I just laughed and said they can't help it - that's what babies do! And this little guy was just smiling and laughing - so cute. But Dad went downstairs, and it wasn't long before I could hear the noise confirming what I expected: once Dad's attention was on the computer, Little Guy wasn't happy!

Next month: Offline, my favorite techie conference!

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