Tuesday, July 20, 2010

From the I Can't Believe It File...

We've had a nice large flat-screen TV for about a year - we bought it with the idea that eventually it might be an event monitor, and in the meantime it was in the storage room with the Wii. Since the Wii has been used all year for programs, this TV was just waiting - this month we finally brought it out, hooked up the laptop and ran an PowerPoint presentation showing weekly events in the library. To start, this was on a cart next to the circulation desk until we could decide where to permanently place it. A wall in the lobby was the likely choice.

Yesterday someone noticed there was no monitor on the cart. How a huge TV (48" maybe?) can just unhook itself from the laptop and walk off is a mystery. Oh, and open the lobby doors too since they should have been locked - we are closed Sundays. There was the Friends book sale going on so things were probably crowded, but really - didn't anyone notice a TV leaving the library?

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