Friday, October 16, 2009

The laptop issue last month (at my own class - very humiliating!)was really a battery pack/laptop issue, not at all related to the projector. Apparently these laptops are very fussy about their power supplies! But everything is working now - we should probably mark each power supply and laptop combo to avoid this in the future.

Now we are planning our "mini tech fair" for staff in a few weeks. We'll be showing the digital camera, flip camera, Kindle, iPod, netbook, and laptop/docking station. I hope the rest of the staff is at least somewhat curious about these! Not everyone will have a use for them, but at least they will know what things are and how people might use them. We're arranging for CE credit from the state library too. People who do a project using one of these gadgets can get an extra hour of credit.

We've trained another person to work at Computer Services, so we have options when people take vacation. So far we don't seem to have any flu going around here but we're prepared!

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