Friday, November 6, 2009

Keeping Healthy

Flu is the big topic these days, seasonal as well as H1N1 ("swine" to the average person). When a few co-workers were out, everyone was concerned, but they turned out to just have regular colds, nothing too serious. The Health department ran out of vaccine in October, so those of us who waited are out of luck. They have received some of the nasal spray vaccine, but some of us are too old for that! So I'm just trying to stay healthy, and we've got WetOnes and hand sanitizer all around for everyone to use. It seems to help. I did have a patron today wearing plastic (cellophane-type) gloves in the computer lab, but that's the most extreme behavior I've seen.

The City has recommended developing a plan for the possibility of lots of sick staff - how would services be staffed, etc. The Library came up with ideas of how we could cover some desks, or reduce services, so I think we'll be OK. Being prepared usually means the situation never develops!

The challenge will be to remain healthy as I travel next week for a little vacation.

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