Friday, September 11, 2009

Several staff people went to the state library's Fall Workshop in Great Falls this weekend. I reminded everyone about the library's netbook - a handy way to take notes and get a report written while at a gathering like this (instead of having to write it later!). Happily, someone asked to use it - I'd like to think this will catch on for other meetings and conferences. The library's cell phone also went along; unbelievably one carload of folks didn't have a cell phone among them!

The document scanner we made available to the public has been getting quite a workout. People seem to be able to do pretty well on their own, or at least following the instructions posted. Maybe we should add this to our list of Technology Fair items so the rest of the staff would be familiar with it too.

Before last week's staff meeting we were asked to post a list of 15 of our favorite books. It's been fun to read everyone's list and see the wide variety! And, we each received 5 "Staff Pick" stickers to put on books from our list. Amazingly, a lot of my titles were checked out! I finally found 5, though.

Imaging Update: I made the new children's computer image (there had been one, but it needed updating) and managed to schedule the process all on my own, so now those computers start "fresh" each morning. I want to try the 4 teen computers next just to see how difficult the process is with our time-print management system. I'm considering making an OPAC image too - it couldn't hurt to clean those up, since I know people sometimes use those for the internet event though we don't want them to!

Next week is our first computer class: Computer Safety. I suggested this, after watching so many people leave themselves "exposed" on our computers. And I recently read a great article in Smart Computing magazine that had lots of good ideas. Hopefully this will help a few people be a little safer on line.

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