Friday, September 4, 2009

Almost Labor Day

It finally feels like summer, now that the calendar says it's almost over. Tourists seem to be gone for the most part, and students are back, so that's close enough to fall for me.

Not much progress on imaging, since I realized the reservation system is not going to go along easily. I'm afraid it adds a complication we can't overcome. So it's on to Children's! We could eliminate reservations, but I don't think that's an idea that would be popular - it's too convenient for people to even consider giving that up.

A minor hitch in our fabulous new internet: for some reason the router needs to be reset periodically. We didn't know this, and yesterday suddenly just lost all public internet. But now I know how to reset it, so it shouldn't be a major disaster, just a small annoyance.

We're planning a small Technology Fair at our library to help staff learn some of the new toys we bought recently. We have a flip camera, a netbook, a Kindle, amd iPod and a new digital camera. We'll have a morning when people can come and see how each works, then if they want extra credit they can do a project with one or two. Even if they don't use it for anything else, at least they'll be familiar with what they are. We keep trying to get everyone to not fear technology!

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