Sunday, April 20, 2008


If Suzanne Reymer can cave in and sign on to Twitter, I can do the same. I've been resisting - even after seeing it in action at CIL a few weeks ago I wasn't sure it was really worthwhile. But maybe if enough of us in libraries start using it, we might come up with something? It is an easy way to keep up with people I wouldn't ordinarily follow, like Michael Sauers (who was in Bozeman a few years ago and astutely pointed out that the ultimate goal of the Reference Desk is to get people to leave). I admit I still haven't watched the video Steve McCann sent out (but did forward it to 2 coworkers who were also trying out Twitter) but plan to, and maybe that will be convincing?

At least this gets Steve some followers (a few years ago at Offline he showed his MySpace page, and sadly had no friends at the time).

I'm not sure I'm going to go for Twitter on my cell phone - there is a limit to how much information, and how often, I want.

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