Friday, March 21, 2008

Concluding Thoughts

The funny thing is I thought I'd already posted a concluding thoughts entry but obviously it ended up somewhere in Cyberspace (or I was just dreaming, which may be even more likely).

I thought this was a great way to try out new technologies that I wouldn't have otherwise taken the time to learn, and get more familiar with those I knew a little bit about. I knew there would be someone to help if I got really stuck or confused, which made it easier to jump in.

I liked the format of posted lessons so I knew what was coming and I could get to them on my own time. The fun thing was I discovered I already knew a little about a lot of these topics - I had no idea I was so up-to-date!

Count me in if more courses like this are offered - this is a great opportunity and I'd recommend it to everyone.

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