Monday, February 2, 2015

Way to Go(To)

My re-scheduled GoToTraining event went very well this time around - participants contributed and everything worked as it should. I think I'll record the February session so it can be posted on the State Library's Vimeo channel. Even though we've got 3 different sessions planned, there will still be those who can't attend any. In preparation for recording (and because I'm also slated to "host" this week's State Librarian's webside chat, which involves recording it as well) I created my own practice session. I started a meeting, then joined as a second participant (using my cell phone and the GoTo app). I was able to record a brief demonstration of a new database just acquired by the State Library (Hobbies and Crafts!). Pretty fun! After the demo was done, the video had to be converted to a usable format (.wmv - luckily Citrix has included the codec to do that in their software so it's very easy) and uploaded to Vimeo. I tried this in my own Vimeo account, and shared it with a relative just to find out how it worked on their computer. It was great! I'd like to get libraries to use this idea for creating short videos for their websites - things like how to place a hold, or find specific databases. Unfortunately I can't record that - the control panel (necessary to show How to do it) doesn't appear in the meeting session! So I'll talk it up, and probably will include that in the session we plan for MLA in April.

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