Saturday, August 25, 2012

Winding Down

Summer is fading, school is starting, and I've got a new work schedule. In addition, the roofing project is also finishing, skylights have been replaced (it's no longer dark and gloomy in my area!) and our new person will start this week. He spent yesterday afternoon manning the Computer Services desk - a trial-by-fire kind of day, since we'd been closed for 2 days and everyone came to the library! He handled the commotion very well, dealing calmly with the add situations that only seem to occur when things are crazy. It was a great learning experience, since I could show him how to handle what are rare problems; hopefully he'll be a bit more prepared next time they happen. My new schedule involves 4 longer days and 3 days off - a little experimental, but something I'm looking forward to trying to see how it works. Two evenings - it's been years since I've worked an evening. Fridays are already longer, with our 6 p.m. closing, so Tuesday will be a bit longer too. To adjust to a change in workflow, we've been adding some equipment to my office so both Kari and I can do more processing there, while we're at the desk. We added a scanner and hope to add a spine label printer. An older one started failing so we ordered 2 new ones, and I've spent the past week trying to get it working! Finally a phone call to the dealer's tech support was able to determine that the printer works, but why it wouldn't actually print labels remained a mystery. An additional call by the technician to the manufacturer brought the news that we were just wasting our time: the printer and software will never agree! So we're getting 2 different models that should work. Planning continues for the ASLD/PLD retreat at Chico Hot Springs in October. We've gone with a "Be Prepared - Scary Things Can Happen" theme, appropriate since it will be close to Halloween. My favorite holiday!

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