Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer is heating up now - 90 degrees more or less for a few days. Just enough to remind everyone why we like it here the rest of the time, and don't want to go to warmer places like Arizona or Florida just yet.

At the Library we have a fair amount of tourists, which is fun. I know I appreciate being able to access the internet when I've been other places, and these guests are no different. Lots of boarding passes being printed, and many digital photos being uploaded! Also an increased number of patrons who show up without their library card. I'm always tempted to make them do some kind of song and dance in return for me looking up their number, but in the end I ask for their ID (which is only available about 50% of the time - those are the people I really want to make work for it!) or name, and some kind of verifying information (for those anonymous ones) and write down their number. We have the first part already prepared - we quickly got tired of writing the same thing down repeatedly. We try to be agreeable...

The next phase of our "imaging" project has begun. We're testing the automatic imaging process where the server wakes up each computer, sends the image to it, and restarts. Two of them should go through this tonight. We're not sure how many the server can handle, and if we'll be able to eventually have all 27 machines do this every night. But this is a great start!

Quick trip to Denver Saturday for the MPLA board meeting. I was able to get an early flight down and a not-too-late flight back so it's just one day. Woohoo!

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