Friday, July 3, 2009

It's almost summer here

Once again, a month has disappeared - there is no good explanation other than busy busy busy! July 4th always sounds like summer should be half over, but we're only just beginning to see warm temperatures. We are getting the usual influx of tourists, so that verifies the calendar, even if the weather doesn't.

The big project? Imaging! And the first round is done! Of course, as soon as I did one group, I realized I'd forgotten something. So I fixed that in the next group, but the power settings didn't get done as I'd thought. The third group had that done correctly, but there didn't seem to be an Java installed. The final group was just done this week, but it was the Children's group, and has it's own unique issues. People are suggesting that there is a Flash update, which is strange, because they should all have the latest. But soon we'll probably redo the image, and I'll take care of all the little things on my list! Eventually we should be able to push the image out to all computers frequently, possibly each week. I'm not in charge of that, and understand there are difficulties in getting that to work. But it is a nice goal.

The end of the fiscal year brought great shopping opportunities when extra money was anticipated. So we've purchased a netbook, Kindle, flip camera, 2 digital cameras, a Wii system and a TV or two. I'd like to arrange a few staff "playtime" sessions so everyone can try out the new stuff. There are people who can't wait, and others who are intimidated by any technology.

Happy Summer!

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