Friday, February 13, 2009

Little Glitches

Or maybe it's just Friday the 13th? Katie spent the week working on the library's new website, preparing to show it to the Reference staff this morning at their meeting. We've been adding content like crazy, troubleshooting various pages and procedures, making sure things work. Many of the problems we've encountered have been minor coding errors that the developer has fixed quickly.

So this morning what happens? When I get to work, Katie tells me our new site is down! We get a "fatal error" message. She had called the developer, I emailed him just to be sure he knew. Later he responded, saying it is a larger server issue; sites are down all over (not sure where this server is, but apparently it hosts many sites, and they were probably live, so our crisis was minor compared to them). Still, it was incredibly frustrating and one of those unbelievable coincidences!

So I have to blame Friday the 13th, even though I'm not that superstitious.

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