Saturday, February 7, 2009


Winter, particularly January and beyond, after the holidays are done, seems to be a popular time for classes and learning. At the library we have our usual series of computer classes, from the basic Intro to Computers (how do you log on, use a mouse, et) to Beginning Internet and Word. These are very popular, and this time around are filled with waiting lists.

We've also noticed an increase in the number of people writing resumes (or asking about writing one) so wanted to offer a class for that too. Luckily a local business came along offering to teach a series of job skills classes. Using the Internet for job searching, writing a resume, applying online - these are great topics and I think these will be popular too.

Adult Ed through the schools is another opportunity for learning. This year I'm teaching a "Get to Know Your Laptop" class for a local rural school district. Last year I taught a similar class, with the idea that people could bring their own laptop or use one of the school's. There were 3 people, each with their own equipment. That seemed to work better, since the school has Apple laptops - showing someone how to use that, then sending them home to their own PC didn't seem to be useful. So this year I suggested we rename the course. I have 2 people, which makes for great instruction. We sit in a row, with our laptops, and I can demonstrate and see how they are doing. Last week, the first session, we covered laptop basics and did fun things like changing the desktop image We connected to the wireless network, and discussed internet safety, passwords, anti-virus software and some open source options (AVG and Open Office, for example). Next week we'll do more internet searching and email.

I miss teaching classes at the library; I just don't have the time available but have been able to assist when necessary. So I'm really enjoying the Adult Ed class. It's rewarding to know at least a few more people are able to successfully use the technology that is out there.

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