Thursday, September 4, 2008


Haven't seen a drop of rain in Portland - it's still summer here (although many locals seem to have checked the calendar and switched to their winter clothes: lots of sweaters and black). Today we visited the zoo.

Jon-Erik's apartment is nice - one last shopping trip tomorrow morning before we head off to Astoria. We were able to leave our car there and just use Portland's great transit system all this week. So much easier! And, one of the stops is right at the library so of course I dragged the boys along. Very busy! Lots of internet computers, and people waiting for reservations on those. We also stopped by Powell's (the book store).

Tom and I went to a performance of Phantom of the Opera last night. I've been waiting 12 years to see it (ever since we were in Germany and tried twice to get tickets to a London performance). So this was a real treat, and it was a great performance.

I hope to spend time in Coeur d'Alene on our way back - Bette Ammon has promised me a tour of their great new library too.

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