Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer continues

More blogs from the staff - they are doing great! It's fun to see the learning process, and how they are able to see practical uses for many of the social networking tools in their personal lives.

I read today of a committee, spread out geographically, using Skype for conference calls to plan activities - that sounds like a great use of technology. Our family uses Skype too - it saves cell phone minutes!

Even more fun - my son and I can play some Nintendo Wii games online, just as if we are sitting in the same room. Another favorite of ours - online Scrabble. I won't even consider playing anyone else - we just play for fun.


laurenm said...

Pam, I'm so glad you are enjoying your 2.0 program. The second round of the MT challenge is in full swing and we have 29 people signed up - around half of them are quite active. It is such a pleasure to follow them and feel their excitement.
We did something different this time and added a group blog for sharing comments and questions. It is very helpful for everyone and adds a nice social dimension.

I love Scrabble, but I've never tried playing online.

Pam said...

Thanks for commenting! I've been following your new bunch, too. You're right - it is fun watching the new learners get excited about all this. The group blog is a good idea - we should try that here.