Monday, July 28, 2008

Big Changes

It's time for a new era in our family - Jon-Erik, the younger son, is moving to Portland, OR this week. No job, no permanent living arrangement, but when you're 25 these things aren't so critical. He's done a lot of research, arranged for a 30-day apartment, looked at the transportation options and applied for a few jobs. So he's all set, and we'll drive out in a month with his small accumulation of household items. I admit to being very envious of his adventure!


the green librarian said...

You're not the only one that is envious. Portland is a great place, my first choice for city living. Great public transportation, great libraries, Powells Books of course, and for me a friend of mine that I went to elementary school through college together. Might end up there some day! Best of luck to Job-Erik.

the green librarian said...

opps I mean Jon-Erik :)