Monday, June 29, 2015

Travel Time!

It's summer so time to hit the road! There are many new directors ready for orientation visits and libraries I haven't been to yet. We've readjusted consulting assignments (now there are actually territories we are responsible for) so I plan to get out and visit all the libraries in my 2 federations. I'd planned a trip to Lewistown and area libraries earlier this month but returned from vacation with a nasty cold, so that's been put off for a while. But I was able to get to 9 libraries in the southeast and eastern areas, with plans to head back that way next month for 2 new directors. Lots of miles on the car! Next week is the Summer Leadership Institute - I've never been to one and am really looking forward to it. We had some "homework" ahead of time, and it sounds like we'll be kept pretty busy for the entire time. I think it will be a great experience. The GoToMeeting pilot project has ended, which caught some libraries by surprise and disappointed others who hadn't had a chance to take advantage of their accounts. Several plan to get their own accounts now that they've seen the possibilities. No ALA conference for me this year, but I will be heading to Little Rock for the ARSL conference in October. I'd submitted proposals to a few conferences and am still waiting to hear back from MPLA to see if it's been accepted for their joint Wyoming conference in September. It's been a few years since I've attended MPLA and I'd like to get there since Cheyenne is relatively convenient!

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