Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Learning the Job

It's been a month in the new job, and I've learned so much already! Trustee training, new director visits, things I never paid attention to in the past. It's been fun just getting out to explore the state - I've dropped in to visit several small libraries just to say hi on my way to another destination. Libraries are all so different, and it's amazing to see how they manage to do so much with limited resources. Working from home is a new adventure too. I've got a nice office space set up - two monitors and a docking station (eventually, right now it's a laptop and monitor), comfortable chair the works with the counter height where everything is placed. Business cards, phone, all the necessary accessories are there. The State car is a nice addition too, although the one drawback is the cassette player - luckily I still have some cassettes I like to hear. With winter coming along, travel will slow down but we can do so much online it doesn't make too much difference.

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