Saturday, April 14, 2012

April Showers!

Another month, more time just flying by! And, unfortunately, April often brings showers inside the Library - a situation the hopefully will be repaired this summer with a new roof. The orange traffic cones we use to designate the drip-catching trash cans just don't project the classy image we'd like for the Library!

Another April, another MLA conference also. This year everyone headed to Big Sky. Since I've been going to multiple conferences for the past 3 years as MPLA rep I thought I should stay home and let other staff have fun. Next year Missoula will be the destination, and I'll plan to attend since I'll be Public Library Division chair.

Wireless printing for laptop users is closer to being ready but still not quite there. It might be, if we weren't so generous in offering 5 free pages every day - that little feature means the software needs some serious tweaking. So the vendor is working on that. I'll be on a short vacation and hope to have news of progress when I return.

This is the second consecutive Saturday where we didn't need to call police so we're feeling pretty good! Incidents have all been fairly mild, and perhaps even unnecessary, but it was becoming a regular occurrence and one we're happy to give up. We're having a staff meeting next month with a guest speaker from the local mental health center, which may help us deal more effectively with the various strange situations we experience.

Spring is here, weather is improving, and people can spend more time outside. That often helps the library environment!

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