Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy February!

Apparently I missed the holidays, the new year, and January! Not only that, but we seem to be missing winter in our neighborhood - just a small amount of snow this week, after months of nothing. We do have a bit of cold, though, so I think we can say we've had winter.

Since the last post mentioned the Express group, I'll add this: everything is fine! Completely redoing a computer, and using the image to make all the others solved whatever problem that was there. One of the Unsolved Mysteries that will never be explained. The printer used by the downstairs computers finally seemed to be failing, so we purchased a new one. Instead of the Dell (which I've never been very happy with - cartridges can only be found at Dell, although we did try a few from our local supplier with some success - and printer drivers were also difficult to find and install) we went with HP. So far so good.

The biggest event of the new year was receiving 7 more laptops, for a total of 12 from the BTOP grant. They circulate for 2 hours in the library, with a valid card and and ID left while it's checked out. They are very popular. My goal is one day to get a wireless printing option, so people could print from any laptop instead of having to log on a library computers.

Bozeman is organizing the annual Offline conference, and we're just about set. Three weeks to go...

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