Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Conference Season

What have I been doing? Preparing for conferences, attending conferences, recovering from conferences!

MLA was held in Bozeman earlier this month. We were involved in supplying some equipment at the conference hotels, and being available in case problems developed. Luckily, everything worked well. I was also a "vendor" with a booth promoting MPLA, so it worked well for me to be at the conference most of the time. I didn't get to attend many sessions, though, and there were some really good ones from what I've heard.

A week in Texas to relax, then on to MPLA in Oklahoma City. It was interesting to be back there after 20 years! Also, there was quite a bit of media coverage of the 15th anniversary of the bombing there. We went to the memorial site later in the week - it really is beautiful, full of symbolism. I presented a session on technology training for staff, which was well-attended. There was also an event at the downtown library - a beautiful new building that I enjoyed touring.

Next year it will be a joint MLA/MPLA conference in Billings so I won't have far to travel!

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