Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ah, Graduation

If not graduation, at least the end of the semester! Fewer and fewer students were present as the week went on, and today they've disappeared. The gorgeous sunshine is a factor too, I'm sure.

We know it's just the calm before the storm, but at least I have a chance to catch up, and prepare. Two groups have the CybraryN update - the reservation groups will go next week. Things have been working nicely. The express image has been completed, although I've thought of a few tweaks that should be done. Circulation has survived the news that each person will log on with their own name, and not the generic one we've been using. It required some setup from each, but they are doing OK, and it's a good learning process! Not necessarily happy: one person complained "I came to work at the library to shelve books!" That made me smile; was the good old days, I guess.

Waiting for the crowds of tourists...

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