Thursday, January 8, 2009


Just when I think things will slow down after the holidays, events come along to remind me not to think that way! Next week seems to be one of those weeks when all the stars align, or whatever it is that makes everything happen at the same time. At my last dentist appointment six months ago we scheduled the next one for Wednesday morning. Then the MLA Board meeting came along, for Tuesday afternoon in Helena. The MPLA Board meeting is set for Wednesday afternoon - a conference call, so at least I won't be traveling to Denver. Tuesday morning there is a city presentation on the internal staff page, and city home page, that should be informative. I have another city-sponsored seminar Thursday morning - I can't remember what it's about but I'm sure it was important! And Friday, a Marketing Committee meeting. Luckily we have the MLK holiday, and since it's a usual day off for me, I'll take Tuesday too. That comes at just the right time!

To keep work and family news separate, I've started a family blog. It's also linked from our family website, and I don't expect much traffic, but it's another way for people to keep up with us. It's also a way to get more of the family used to some new technologies!

That's the time of year it is: time to try new things.

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