Friday, December 26, 2008

That was Christmas...

So Christmas is over - it was so low-key I almost missed it! It was wonderful not getting caught up in the holiday madness (although I did feel a little guilty, and sorry for anyone who wasn't so lucky - sometimes you can't avoid stress, I know). Every so often I'd think back to the Christmases in years past when the boys were little and we went all out - that was enough to make me glad that's behind me now!

Jon-Erik enjoyed the wonderful snowfall Portland received (and was very glad not to be traveling!). He spent Christmas at a church dinner, volunteering and socializing, with his new friend, Mallory (little is known about her, except she's working on a Fine Arts master's degree with a job as a waitress at Old Chicago in Beaverton, where they met). I try not to interrogate him on this too much. He gave her a jar of MT Huckleberry preserves, and she baked him cookies.

Tom is still in Gainesville, TX hoping for warmer weather - they have been below freezing more than he'd like. He spent the holiday with some friends there. Next month he will go to Alamos, Mexico to work on our house there, and hopefully get it more ready to sell.

James-Philip and I had breakfast with my parents, then he went on to spend the day with more friends. I had a wonderful (quiet!) afternoon watching "Christmas with the Kranks" (not nearly as good as the Grisham "Skipping Christmas" book it's based on, but entertaining anyway). Since it had warmed up nicely I went for a walk and came upon 4 deer on the hill - picture perfect, if I'd only had my camera with me!

Of course, warmer weather often means snow, and this morning was no different: at least 9 inches overnight (other people have said 12), which, added to the accumulation in my driveway, meant my SUV just didn't have the clearance necessary! I ended up high-centered halfway out. Not many options at 7:45 a.m.! Even the roadside assistance on our insurance plan wasn't helpful: they don't come to a place that hasn't been plowed! So it was a call to my neighbors, and their pickup, who were able to drag me out. They get their driveway plowed, and I'm just a branch off that, so I've asked their snowplow person to do mine also (which I wish would just have been done automatically - wouldn't they think I'd also want a clean drive?). But I think it will be OK when I get home tonight. At least I got to use all the 4-wheel drive options on my vehicle!

Happy New Year to all!

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