Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy November!

It's my favorite month, for many reasons. My birthday, for one. A bunch of holidays for another (Veteran's Day, which I never appreciated until I realized I was married to one, Thanksgiving Day, and this year, Election Day). The steely gray sky on a fall afternoon when the sun hits the yellow aspen leaves. Or the bright blue sky with golden wheat fields in the valley and the snowy mountain tops in the distance. It only seems to look like that in November.

Tom has already gone to Texas with more furniture for our house there - apparently the yard was completely overgrown with morning glory vines! But he's making headway. I will be there later this month, to rake the leaves (we have pecan trees!) and paint what used to be a closet and has now been transformed in to a bathroom.

It turns out the medical screening group that discovered my dad's aneurysm will be in a town nearby while I'm there, so we've signed up for our own sessions. That seems like a fortunate coincidence to me; an opportunity not to be ignored. While I'm away, Dad will have surgery in Billings to insert a stent - an overnight procedure. They tell him he'll be able to walk out of the hospital the next day, although it may take a few weeks to be totally recovered. He's very optimistic. And then Mom will probably let him drive again. As she said, she didn't want something to happen while he was driving - if she was going to lose him, she didn't want to lose the car too!

So, we'll be counting our blessings this Thanksgiving.

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