Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another Month

Suddenly it's October! How did that happen?

I'm trying to put together a presentation on Open Office with DeeAnn for next Sunday's retreat at Chico. It's so easy to use, it's almost too simple. I think we'll show the download and installation - maybe there will be a few laptop users who will volunteer to try it out? This is such a friendly group it's easy to be very casual about the whole thing.

Tuesday will see Tom heading south for the winter. A few days in Laramie (not south enough, but we have a friend there). Then on to Gainesville, TX - luckily we found the house keys! He'll be bringing a trailer full of furniture so eventually that house will be completely livable. Right now it's relatively empty, with a basic thrift-store decor. Check it out:

But first there is Sunday brunch to celebrate Mom's birthday (Gourmet Gas Station) and Monday's annual Firemen's Breakfast at the fairgrounds.

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